What How to COPE Workshop participants had to say:

Vivian Cannataro is such a talented and qualified counsellor plus certified EFT facilitator! For me the bottom line of EMPOWERMENT was learning boundary setting, one of those life-changing lessons that support and sustain my belief in my self-worth.. I found this workshop planted many seeds upon which I continue to build my personal strength! It was well worth my time!! Grab a friend and go together…benefit twice! Seriously! Be a friend and forward the attached flyer to another and let them decide to join in and become empowered as well!

Judy S, Oakville

You’ve taught me how to set and keep firm boundaries and to stick up for myself. I finally see how valuable I am. I am so grateful to you

Katherine M, Toronto

I was at a women’s empowerment weekend and boy, learned a lot! How to be accountable for my own feelings and how to act in my own best interest based on those feelings, and how to allow others to be accountable for their actions, despite any negative reactions from them….it was a hard weekend but thoroughly worth it…I’m finally able to deal with old gremlins that have been haunting me for years….. lovely.

Robin L, Toronto – How to Cope Participant as described to a friend

What one-on-one clients had to say:

I had been to many different agencies to get some help for my 6 year old son. It became very frustrating and sad for me. I was watching my little boy suffer and I felt helpless. I’ve noticed so many changes in my son’s behavior since he started working with you. I’ve even noticed changes in my own behaviors and how I communicate with him. Thanks to you and EFT.

Lisa, Richmond Hill

You make it much clearer as to what I am doing with my thoughts and do it so lovingly. I am so grateful to know you and your beautiful spirit is beyond value.

Joanne, Connecticut

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all your help, support and caring….your knowledge and gift of tapping has brought my baby back to us. Thank you.

Patricia, Burlingto

You are one on the only few women I’ve met that have made a major impact on my life. I was just so grateful that you always seemed to know the right thing to say. Thank you so, so much for being such an amazing support, believing in me and teaching me EFT. All of these things have helped so much more than you even know. You’re great!!

Amanda, Victoria, B.C

I’ve been going through one of the hardest and scariest times in my life. Knowing that I have your support gives me tremendous strength. Thank you for giving me the confidence to realize the strength that I have within myself

Dana, B.C.

I never connected my past childhood experiences to my behaviors today. It certainly wasn’t easy for me to face that. Thank you for helping me ‘unlearn’ what wasn’t working for me anymore.

Mathew, Toronto

I had never been to counselling before so I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would just be able to vent, go home and go on being miserable. You challenged my thinking in a firm but kind way and managed to get me off my butt! My life is so much better now both personally and professionally. I know what I want and have the confidence to go get it. You helped me realize how worthy and powerful I am. Thanks for the ass kicking.

Daryl, Mississauga

You’ve taught me how to set and keep firm boundaries and to stick up for myself. I finally see how valuable I am. I am so grateful to you.

Katherine, N.W.T