Emotional Exercise

I still find it surprising that so many of us continue to struggle with our bodies. We trek off to the gym, Pilates or yoga studio to perform some kind of mild torture. While we may feel a sense of accomplishment and , dare I say, pride, it is typically short lived. For many of us, we continue to hear that very judge mental and stubborn voice in our own heads telling us that we should be able to do better or do more.
I consider myself to be quite active, have been since I was a young teen. Although my body hasn’t changed drastically in size or shape over the years, I have noticed that I have become more comfortable and confident about my body, and more importantly, about who I am. So, I began to question what changed. My diet? Workouts? No. I realized I have been spending as much time on building my emotional strength as I have been on my physical strength. Continue reading

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