The BCDs of Parenting—Boundaries, Communication, and Discipline

Parent Coaching

I have had many parents (mainly of the children I’ve worked with) ask me for guidance surrounding various parenting issues, including everything from potty training and hours spent playing video games, to dealing with the inevitable power struggles they’ll have with their children.

Sadly, children don’t come with manuals. Yet we seem to have this expectation (as parents) to know exactly what to do and how to handle things at any given moment, and it has to be done perfectly, with no long-term ramifications. The reality is that our knowledge about parenting comes from how we were parented, meaning we will more than likely raise our children the way we were raised (to some extent), because it is the only way we know how to parent. But is that how you want to raise your children? Or do you want to explore other options, perhaps a better way for you and your children to navigate the ups and downs of family life?

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all your help, support, and caring…your knowledge and gift of tapping [an acupressure technique] has brought my baby back to us. Thank you.

Patricia, Burlington

Many parents feel overwhelmed and confused with the influx of information on the do’s and don’ts of parenting. We’ve seemed to stop trusting our own judgments when it comes to raising our own children! Many of us won’t call our parents to ask for any kind of advice, because we’ve decided that’s not how we want to raise our children. As a result, many parents feel a lack of support while trying to do the best they can with what they know.

Parent coaching is not about judging whether what you’re doing is right or wrong; it is about working with you to personalize boundaries that will help you maintain and develop your own family’s values. Together, we work towards developing skills and practical tools to help guide you through the natural struggles and conflicts that come with parenting.

Coaching sessions are done mainly by phone, with e-mail follow-up sessions to ensure continual progress towards a less stressful and more enjoyable family environment.

Please contact me for further information regarding monthly session packages (billed by the minute, much like cell phone time) or our BCDs parental workshop to be held November 17 and 18, 2012.

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