Privacy Policy

At Lodestone Counselling Services, we place the highest priority on protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all of your personal information.


The Lodestone Counselling site may offer free electronic newsletters to users. Lodestone Counselling will gather the email addresses of users who voluntarily subscribe. users may remove themselves from Lodestone Counselling mailing lists by following the instructions contained in every newsletter. users may be offered the ability to subscribe to these newsletter(s) during registration, or within the Lodestone Counselling Services site at various times and places. Lodestone Counselling Services never shares newsletter mailing lists with any third parties, including advertisers or partners.


Occasionally Lodestone Counselling Services may conduct user surveys and opinion polls to better target content and services to our audience. Lodestone Counselling services may, at its discretion, share the *aggregated* demographic information in these surveys with business partners. we never share any information about specific individuals with any third party.


Users may unsubscribe to any of our electronic newsletters or order status emails at any time by following the instructions contained at the end of every communication. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this policy or should you have any concerns about the security of your personal information, please feel free to contact us at 416-305-7415.