Now What?

Of course the same situation keeps repeating itself in your life. Why? Every decision we make on a day-to-day basis is based solely on our past experiences. If say, as a child, you were constantly berated by peers, siblings or even your parents about the way you looked or dressed. Chances are you still hear those comments in your subconscious making you feel unhappy and insecure about yourself.

You have come to believe those comments as ‘truths’. If in past relationships you were verbally and emotionally abused, made to feel that you weren’t worthy of any better, when you now meet someone new who offers a compliment, you are quick to dismiss it. It can’t possibly be true. The truth you are familiar with is that you are not worthy. So how do we change this?

I believe that all learned behaviors can be ‘unlearned’.

As such, I am very excited to introduce COPE Education Programs. A series of experiential workshops specifically designed to learn new, more effective ways of thinking and being. These skills based workshops will teach you very highly effective tools that allow you the opportunity to develop and re-connect to your personal empowerment