Create Our Personal Empowerment

Rediscover your self-worth!

Reconnect to who you’ve always wanted to be without judgement, shame and guilt.

Saturday May 4 & Sunday May 5, 2013

During this experiential workshop, you will learn how to integrate the practical tools needed to address and heal from the issues that seem to keep you from living the life you want.

If you’re tired of feeling unappreciated, devalued, stressed, or blocked in your career or relationships and feel utterly exhausted, then this evolutionary process is for you.

If you want to reconnect to your self-worth and confidence and feel truly empowered, then you should attend this clear and concise program!

How to COPE™ will teach you 4 highly effective steps so you are able to:

  • Notice where your self-sabotaging behaviors began
  • Assess and unlearn the behaviours using EFT, a very powerful proven technique
  • Plan and determine your boundaries based on your wants and needs
  • Execute and implement your boundaries in every realm of your life and reconnect to your self-worth and confidence

Power cannot be taken. It an only be given. Learn how to get it back.

Designed Exclusively for Women

‘For me the bottom line of EMPOWERMENT was learning boundary setting, one of those life-changing lessons that support and sustain my belief in my self-worth. If you find this is a topic of interest, Vivian’s workshop is a great place to begin that learning journey…I found this workshop planted many seeds upon which I continue to build my personal strength! It was well worth my time!!’

Judy S. – How to Cope Participant

Cost: $267
Saturday April 13 & Sunday April 14, 2013, 10am to 4pm

Hamilton, Ontario