Corporate Trainings

Anger Management ™(Training for Clinicians & Service Providers)

This one day workshop is designed for service providers working with individuals who have difficulty expressing anger in a healthy and productive manner. This experiential workshop offers insightful anger management exercises that will assist service providers in teaching their clients to recognize their own anger as well as develop tools and skills to manage their anger in daily life. Participants will also learn strategies when dealing with clients who are confrontational and express their anger in destructive ways during session.

Recognize, Respond and Eliminate Bullying in the Work Place

Bullying was a term that we heard often as kids in the school yard. Sadly, many of us have realized that some of those childhood bullies have grown up to become workplace bullies. Workplace bullying is a serious problem that can profoundly effect the mental, emotional, physical and financial health of the bully’s target. Bullying can also contribute to high stress levels, absenteeism and loss of productivity at work. Because workplace bullying is often emotional and psychological, it can be hard to recognize. The most harmful forms of bullying are typically more subtle rather than direct and verbal rather than physical. This workshop is designed to teach individuals how to recognize, respond and eliminate bullying in the workplace. This experiential workshop offers insightful tools and strategies on how to eliminate this detrimental behaviour effectively and quickly in the workplace.

Corporate trainings can either be done in house or at our Mississauga office. There must be a minimum of 12 participants for this workshop. Please call 416-305-7415 or email at for further details.

About Your Presenter:

Vivian Cannataro is a trauma counsellor, EFTCert-II practitioner, author, and presenter. She has worked as a front line counsellor and public educator for several years in the Peel region. In her private practise, she specializes in working with survivors of violence and sexual assault. She is also the founder of COPE Education Programs. A series of experiential workshops specifically designed to learn new, more effective ways of thinking and being. These skills based workshops teach individuals very highly effective tools that allow them the opportunity to develop and re-connect to their personal empowerment. Vivian also presents to high school students in the Peel Region on the long term effects of bullying and abuse as well as healthy and unhealthy relationships. She also facilitates training seminars to clinicians and peer referral agents. Vivian’s international practice includes one-on-one counseling sessions both in person and via phone as well as training programs, workshops and speaking engagements. Her combined life and professional experiences make her a very knowledgeable and skilled presenter. The consistent feedback received from those who experience her workshops and one-on-one sessions is that her sense of humour and compassion deeply impacts them. She sees both as essential tools to get through life and help others.