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You’ve often wondered why the same situations just seem to keep occurring in your life. Perhaps your current partner is a milder version of the not-so-wonderful partners you’ve had in the past. Maybe the extra pounds your body is carrying are the same extra pounds that have kept coming and going over the last decade or two. Perhaps you find yourself working hard but never seem to have enough of anything.

You’ve started to realize that no matter how much you give of yourself to everyone else, no one loves and appreciates you the way you want to be loved and appreciated. Perhaps you’ve even started to wonder how you got to this point in your life knowing full well this is not where or how you want to be.

You’ve begun to notice that something is off, not quite sure what it is – but something just isn’t sitting right with you anymore. So, now what? The very thought of taking any kind of action becomes overwhelming, almost paralyzing. Change, even for the better, is always scary. We seem to take comfort in what is familiar to us, even when we know it’s not always the best thing for us.

That one question keeps playing in your mind….. Now what?

Lodestone Counselling

Lodestone Counselling Services was founded in 2006 by Vivian Cannataro, a trauma counsellor and EFT-Cert II, certified EFT practitioner. Vivian worked for several years as a crisis line counsellor for the Rape Crisis Centre of Peel and later as a front line counsellor for Interim Place.

Vivian specializes in working with women and children with various issues including, but not limited to ADD/ADHD, anger and stress management, anxiety/panic attacks, personal boundaries, weight and body images, sexual assault, domestic violence as well as many other issues.

Trained in various therapeutic modalities, Vivian is able to integrate EFT into her existing skill set to help reduce emotional distress when working with her clients in both one-on-one or phone sessions.

She also facilitates monthly EFT groups in Mississauga. Lodestone Counselling Services is based in Mississauga (Hurontario/Matheson Blvd.) and also serves Brampton, Oakville, Woodbridge, Bolton and other surrounding areas.